Pokemon 2000 Team Rocket 1st Edition Booster Box

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This week Adam’s done a deep dive into the Pokemon 2000 Team Rocket 1st Edition Booster box that will IPO on Rally Road 11 March 2021.

Pokemon 2000 Team Rocket 1st Edition Booster Box

What is the Pokemon 2000 Team Rocket 1st Edition Booster Box??

This is a sealed, first edition Team Rocket Booster Box originally released in April of 2000. It was the fifth expansion for the original Pokemon card game and includes 36 packs of 11 cards each. Team Rocket are the main antagonists in the Pokemon Universe and this was the first time that Dark Pokemon were ever featured in the game.

The complete set is 82 cards and one secret card. The most valuable cards in the set are the Dark Charizard Holo (#4), which goes for $7-9K at a PSA 10 grade, the Dark Blastoise Holo (#3), which goes for $3-4K at a PSA 10 grade, and the Dark Raichu holo (a secret card numbered #83), which also goes for $3-4K at a PSA 10 grade.

It IPOs on Rally Road 11th March.

Cultural Relevance

Since its introduction in 1995, Pokemon has become the highest grossing media franchise IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, beating out Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Friends and Star Wars.

There have been TV shows, movies, card games, video games, an ungodly amount of merchandise and even a short-lived theme park. The mobile game Pokemon Go was a worldwide sensation upon its release in 2016 and grossed over $1 billion in 2020.

Pokemon is a legitimate long-term cultural fixture and even people who have never seen the show or the movies or played any of the card games or video games knows what it is.

That can be said for any Pokemon related offering on any fractional site, and for this specific offering, the demand is tied to the popularity of the Team Rocket set. As it was the first set to include the villains and the Dark Pokemon it has retained its popularity.

Inferred Value – [Insiders Only]

There have been quite a lot of sales of these sealed boxes in the past few months, with at least fourteen since February 1st. The most recent sale was on March 7th for [Insiders Only]. The highest sale was on February 27th for [Insiders Only] and the lowest recent sale was on February 14th for [Insiders Only]. Throwing out the latter as an outlier (the next lowest was [Insiders Only]) and averaging the other 13 sales since February 1st gives us an inferred value of [Insiders Only]. There had been a very slight upward trend until the March 7th sale.

Notably, every sale has been under the IPO price of $28,500.

There are also several sealed boxes currently listed on Ebay at Buy It Now prices lower than the IPO price – $27,500, $27,000, $24,312, $22,222.

Pokemon 2000 Team Rocket 1st Edition Booster Box

Asset Growth TTM

A sealed box sold at Heritage Auctions for $6,600 in May 2020 and the value has 3-4x since then, but the value has mostly flatlined since it hit 20K+ in late October.

Category Strength

The game trading cards category has returned 5.4% ROI so far across the entire portfolio.

Subcategory Strength

The game trading cards subcategory has returned [Insiders Only]% ROI so far across the entire portfolio.

Risk Profile

Standard deviation for all game trading cards transactions has been [Insiders Only]%, which is [Insiders Only]. Lower is better.

Growth Outlook and Future Catalysts

There is a current auction at EBay, as well as two boxes up for auction at Heritage this month and another at PWCC, so if those sell at a higher values this could see a boost.

Given all the recent sales, there doesn’t seem to be any scarcity in supply that could cause the price to rise, and the three most valuable cards mentioned above have hundreds of graded PSA 10s out there.

Asset Liquidity

This will have a roughly 90 day lockup period then will trade quarterly.

Platform Risk

Rally Road is [Insiders Only] transparent


If you’re inclined to root for the villains, the Team Rocket set is probably for you.

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Adam Katz

Adam Katz

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