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Asset Valuations

We don’t just tell you the market capitalization (duh). We analyze as many data sources as possible to triangulate an asset’s Inferred Value.

Category Benchmarks

And we don’t stop at assets, either. We establish and maintain a deep benchmark analysis to understand the performance of entire categories.

Outlook and Risks

We wrap everything up with a quantitative verdict, and fold that into rich qualitative analysis to create our proprietary Insider Score.

Frequently asked questions

Insider is a special paid newsletter for alternative asset investors looking for a serious edge.

While all subscribers can get updates on different asset classes, only Insiders get the full scoop. Full deal analysis. Asset valuations. Benchmarks. Trends. Outlooks & risks. Scores and recommendations.

You’ll also get access to our Private Facebook group, where we discuss & debate deals, opportunities & IPOs.

It depends on the asset type.

For assets with frequent drops or IPOs, such as sports cards and websites, we send 3 updates per month.

On the other hand, video game and cultural asset opportunities aren’t as frequent, so we update less often.

Generally, for most topics, we send 2-3 updates per month

Yes. This form lets you add topics. You can unfollow a topic from the link within any email.

Simple. Sign up and set your preferences. We’ll send updates for each asset you follow.

The Insider newsletter contains all the rich analysis, valuations, and scores.

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.