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Digital collectibles are assets which take the form of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. Since they can’t be altered or counterfeited, NFTs are both a more secure method for property ownership, and more easily transferable than traditional alternative assets.

This world includes digital art marketplaces such as OpenSea, SuperRare, Foundation, and Nifty Gateway, digital trading card marketplaces such as Sorare and NBA Top Shot, and virtual worlds to store them like Decentraland and Cryptovoxels.

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Asset Valuations

We don’t just tell you the market capitalization (duh). We analyze as many data sources as possible to triangulate an asset’s Inferred Value.

Category Benchmarks

And we don’t stop at assets, either. We establish and maintain a deep benchmark analysis to understand the performance of entire categories.

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We wrap everything up with a quantitative verdict, and fold that into rich qualitative analysis to create our proprietary Insider Score.

Recently Published

Star Atlas

New NFT drops: Playboy, Gary Vaynerchuk, Star Atlas

This week comes with NFT releases of all sorts:
-Star Atlas returns with NFTs that give rewards in their upcoming AAA game
-Playboy teams up with the artist SlimeSunday to release a NFT art collection
-The team that created Cryptopunks is back with a new collectibles project, Meebits
-Garry Vaynerchuck is releasing NFTs that have massive long-run utility

Steve Aoki x Maceij Kuciara

New NFT drops: Beeple, Steve Aoki, and Jose Delbo

This is a big week for art NFTs with drops from some of the biggest names in the space.
-Beeple is returning to Nifty gateway for a 3-day event after selling a $69 million NFT
-The prolific comic book artist Jose Delbo is dropping western-themed NFTs
-Musician Steve Aoki partners up with the successful visual artist Maceij Kuciara

Victor Mosquera

New NFT drops: White Stripes, Glitch Mob, Victor Mosquera, and Star Atlas

This week has some great drops to watch, which include a variety of themes. The visual art offerings range from science fiction to quality memes:

-Continuing the science fiction theme, Star Atlas is releasing their first NFTs built for their upcoming AAA space exploration game.
-On the sports side, the famous sports cards producer, Topps, is bringing baseball cards to the blockchain.
-Lastly, The White Stripes are teaming up with The Glitch Mob to create an NFT commemorating the official release of the “Seven Nation Army” remix.

Pak x Sotheby’s

New NFT Drops: Pak, Maria Testino, Artvatars, and The Mannings

This week’s lineup of NFT drops have something for art fans across several different genres.

-Sports fans have a lot to watch this week with Damian Lillard releasing a line of NFTs and Makersplace showcasing artwork commemorating the achievements of the Manning family.
-Fashionistas will appreciate the fashion legend Mario Testino entering the scene.
-But any NFT art fan should look forward to the collaboration between an old-school auction house, Sotheby’s, and the new-school NFT auction house, Nifty Gateway, for a three day collection from Pak.

Invest in NFT Digital Collectibles

Tips for Buying NFTs

NFTs trade on a variety of different platforms and each one works a little differently. This article covers some tips about the biggest platforms and payment methods you may use during your NFT trading journey.

NFT Drops - The Weeknd, Illuvium, Top Shot preorder

NFT Drops – The Weeknd, Illuvium, Top Shot preorder

This week we’re bringing you the best NFT drops to watch across gaming, collectibles, music, and visual art.

Likely to be the first AAA-quality blockchain game to launch later this year, Illuvium has their public sale this week. Coming in with a confusingly similar name is Illenium, a top-tier Electronic music artist making his NFT debut.

But the biggest news is that The Weeknd (the #1 ranked artist on Spotify) is dropping new music in NFT form.


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