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Investing in Sneakers | Alternative Assets

Investing in Sneakers

This week we dive into an asset class that we haven’t written about yet, but which has had steady, loud drumbeat for years: Sneakers 👟

Introducing Alternative Assets Insider

Introducing Alternative Assets Insider

Announcing a new joint venture and a new paid service. Alternative Assets and Fractional are merging to form a new product called Alternative Assets Insider.

Investing in green energy loans with Plenti | Alternative Assets
P2P Lending

Investing in Green Energy Loans with Plenti

This week I’ve got a shorter issue about a new P2P lending opportunity with a modern twist — investing in residential green energy loans through a company called Plenti.

Anatomy of a deal | Alternative Assets

Anatomy of a deal

A a look at a website I recently purchased which involved both an earnout agreement and buyer-side financing.

Six months of Alternative Assets

Six months of Alternative Assets

I figured it would be interesting to do a recap issue looking back over the past half year. How it started, how it’s going, what I’ve learned, and more.

Sports memorabilia investing with Collectable | Alternative Assets
Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia Investing with Collectable

A deep dive into Collectable — an investment platform dedicated to sports memorabilia. Includes interview with CEO Ezra Levine, and marks the launch of the Alternative Assets Podcast

Christmas in Santa Barbara by Stefan von Imhof | Alternative Assets

Growing & Selling Christmas Trees

This week’s issue is about growing & selling Christmas trees for profit. They take a decade to mature, and can only be sold once. Now that’s slow-growth.