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Cultural Assets

Cultural Assets Insider – Dec 3, 2021

Today, we’re covering last week’s cultural assets performance on fractional secondary markets, and this week’s fractional platforms, buyout offer, and auctions.

call of duty modern warfare 2 on otis
Video Games

Video Games Roundup – Dec 3, 2021

Today is a roundup of last week’s performance on fractional secondary markets and this week’s secondary markets, auctions, and new IPOs including;
-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II WATA 9.8 A++
-Super Mario Bros 2 1988 WATA 9.8 A+

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Domain Names

Domains Insider — December

Today, we have a great expired domain worth looking at, along with some opportunities for “meta” domains.

harmon "the killer" killebrew rookie sports card
Sports Cards

Sports Cards Insider – Nov 29, 2021

Today is a roundup of last week’s performance on fractional secondary markets, and assets dropping this week, including;
-Manny Pacquiao 1999 World Boxing PSA 10
-1959 Topps Baseball Set
-Roy Campanella 1949 Bowman #84 PSA 9
-Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer SGC 10

trading this week - overpriced

Trading & Indexes: Nov 29

This is the world’s first index that tracks the performance of all IPOs across Rally, Collectable, and Otis

drivers coop logo

The Drivers Co-Op Ridehailing App

We look at collective ownership through the lens of a new startup called The Drivers Cooperative, a driver-owned ridehailing co-op that is 100% worker-owned.

the gorillaz
NFT Digital Collectibles

NFT Insider — Nov 24

Today is a deep dive of last week’s NFT market performance, new IPO’s, assets to watch, industry news, and so much more.