Author: Stefan Von Imhof

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NFT Digital Collectibles

Fractional NFTs

Today, we’re looking at the intersection of fractional ownership and NFTs. It’s a bit confusing at first, but we try to explain how it all works.

ticket stubs

Investing in Ticket Stubs

Today, we’re looking at something we’ve never covered before: The newly budding market for ticket stubs.

Tom Morello

Buying music rights: A deeper dive

Music rights is one of the most exciting and underrated alternative asset classes out there. We’re starting to learn a lot more about it. And the more we learn, the more we like.

ZED RUN horse
NFT Digital Collectibles

Investing in Digital Racehorses with ZED RUN

ZED RUN is a new blockchain-based game that lets you own and race digital racehorses It’s pretty mind-blowing stuff. This issue is coupled with a new podcast episode with Travis Winn from Zed.